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Always-On Voice
powered by custom AI Silicon 
Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - earbuds
Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - mobile phone

From keyboards, to mice, to touch screens, voice is quickly becoming the de facto standard user interface. Driven by increasing global consumer demand, hands-free functionality is replacing traditional tactile interfaces.


Syntiant's ultra-low-power AI processing solution enables Always-On Voice (AOV) control for most any battery-powered device, from earbuds to laptops. 

Syntiant   Neural Decision Processors™ (NDPs) offer highly accurate wake word, command word and event detection in a tiny package with near-zero power consumption.

Currently in production with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service firmware, Syntiant's NDP100 and NDP101 devices make Always-On Voice interfaces a reality by supporting entirely new form factors designed to wake up and respond to speech rather than touch. 

For reliable voice control and the best customer experience, the NDP100 and NDP101 deliver enhanced privacy and a power-performance combination unmatched by any other solution.



A New Processor

for Deep Learning

Deep learning systems differ dramatically from traditional computing methods. By focusing on memory access, parallel processing, and modest precision, Syntiant's Neural Decision Processors operate at efficiency levels that are orders of magnitude higher than any other solution.

Using a co-design methodology that optimizes silicon and deep learning models together, Syntiant’s architecture achieves breakthrough performance by slashing power consumption while increasing throughput.

Syntiant’s processors make devices approximately 200x more efficient by providing 20x the throughput over current low-power MCU solutions, and subsequently, enabling larger networks at significantly lower power.

Intelligent Voice

At negligible power levels, the Syntiant solution can bring an Always-On Voice (AOV) interface to most any device. 

Whether it is Amazon Alexa or custom command words, the NDP10x family provides an out-of-the-box voice interface that enables a far richer and more reliable user experience than ever before, free from a cloud connection.



Semiconductor Design



Ideally suited for always-on applications in battery-powered devices.

Smartphones  -  Earbuds  -  Wearables
Remote Controls  -  Drones  -  Security Cameras  -  Sensors

Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - wearables


Reduced time to revenue with full out of the box solutions



Custom built for neural computation with high accuracy at ultra-low-power



Bringing deep learning to devices from earbuds to mobile phones

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