The Ideal Platform for Building Low-power Voice, Audio, and Sensor Applications

Syntiant's Tiny Machine Learning Development Board

Ideal for educational purposes or the engineering hobbyist, Syntiant’s Tiny Machine Learning Development Board is the ideal platform for building low-power voice, audio, and sensor applications. 


Equipped with the ultra-low-power Syntiant NDP101™ processor, the TML board packs native neural network computation for the most demanding applications.


No need for any specialized hardware either. Any programming is done by simply connecting to a micro-USB cable.


The onboard microphone and BMI120 sensor enable easy configuration for any speech, audio or 6 axis motion- and vibration-related application.

Key Features 

  • Host processor: SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU

  • Host processor flash memory: 256 KB

  • Host processor memory for Bootloader: 8 KB

  • Host processor SRAM: 32 KB

  • Neural processor: NDP101 

  • Board Power Supply: USB 5V, LiPo battery 3.7V

  • Circuit Operating Voltage: 3.3V

  • Digital I/O Pins: 5, compatible with Arduino MKR series boards

  • UART: 1 pair (included in the digital I/O Pins)

  • I2C: 1 Pair  (included in the digital I/O Pins)

  • On Board Serial Flash: 2 MByte

  • System Clock: 48MHz

  • User defined LED: 1  RGB LED

  • uSD Card Included

  • Motion sensor: 6 axis sensor

  • Microphone: 1 Microphone

On Board Components 


Micro-SD Connector: The micro-SD card captures in-situ data to improve machine learning models and is formatted using a 32-bit FAT32 system, which provides virtually unlimited capacity for audio or sensor data.  

Motion Sensor: The BMI120 motion sensor has a 3 + 3 acceleration and gyro axis supporting three modes of operation. 


Microphone: On board mic to enable development of multiple close-talk applications. 

Charging LED: Orange LED indicates battery charging while off when fully charged. Duty cycle is approximately 50 percent with no battery connection and nearly 100 percent when a discharged battery is being charged. 

Power on LED: A green LED indicates board power from battery or USB. The series resistor can be removed if ultra-low-power is desired. A large value resistor can be replaced to adjust light intensity.


RGB LED: Multiple red, green and blue light display combinations can be programmed. Along with pulsing indication, eight color combinations can produce countless combinations to indicate system status.

Battery capacity and connector: Equipped with a JST-SH Micro battery socket, charging current is set to 375mA. Battery size is based on rated charging current. Confirm battery polarity as per the block diagram. Click here for battery information.


The Tiny Machine Learning Board allows easy configuration for speech, audio, or 6 axis motion- and vibration-related applications.

mobile phones • smart home • hearables/wearables •  PC  • IoT endpoints • media streamers • AR/VR

iot endpoint .png


The board is macroscopically tested by loading boot loader and “Alexa” keyword, as well as confirming recognition of the “Alexa” keyword. Any change in firmware may make the “Alexa” model not work.


The board is not certified for RoHS compliance. There is no certification for FCC and CE.

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