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Evaluation Systems

Syntiant's ultra-low-power Neural Decision Processors enable new classes of products with the use of multiple voice commands on small battery operated devices.  With a power consumption of less than 140µW and package sizes down to 1.4mm X 1.8mm, it can meet the requirements of the most demanding low power applications.

Ear buds       Cellular phones     Stereo headsets       Hearing aids

Smart watches     Voice activated toys      Remote controls      Intelligent sensors

Syntiant's development kits are designed to effortlessly bring your next generation products to market in the most efficient way possible.




The NDP USB Stick highlights our NDP101B0 device for applications with battery operated wake words and voice commands.  It is paired with a 32 bit micro controller and lithium ion battery, so that you can address a wide range of applications with this single board.  The MCU is Arduino compatible, allowing quick access to a wide range of publicly available libraries and simple IDE. 



▪ 4 layer 560K parameter fully connected neural network pre-programmed with Alexa wake word

▪ Up to 200Hz inference rate

▪ Audio inputs: PDM, I²S, SPI

Atmel MCU ATSAMD21G18 (3.3V operation)

▪ 256KB Flash 32KB RAM

▪ 48MHz clock

Infineon IM69D130 High SNR, High Dynamic range Digital Microphone

Li-Ion battery charger

USB Type A – USB connection

8MB Flash for storing all of your neural network models

General MCU IO connector: 3.3V, ground, and  4 IO

General NDP IO connector: 3.3V, GND and 2 IO

Syntiant_NDP USB Stick.png

NDP9101B0 Development Platform



The NDP9101B0 Development platform provides the flexibility to fine-tune your designs.  The platform is implemented as a Raspberry Pi shield with easily configurable jumpers to connect a number of different microphones and sensors.



Serial Flash 500KB

Dual on board IM69D120 Infineon MICs

On board programmable Si5351A clock IC

4 LED for IO display

Syntant NDP101B0 Shield


▪ Raspberry Pi 3B+      

▪ Power supply    

▪ Pre-configured micro SD card     

▪ Alexa wake word model

Syntian_Development Platfom.jpg

Software Development Tools

SW Dev Tools
Syntiant provides software development tools to help evaluate the Neural Decision Processors. 

Training Development Kit (TDK):

The TDK provides materials and instructions to train neural networks to target the Syntiant NDP devices. The TDK also includes examples to train several demonstration-grade models out of the box.  The TDK includes:

▪ Step by step instructions for server configuration

▪ An accurate model of the essential hardware details of NDP devices integrable into a production training pipeline enabling creation of high-performance audio and speech recognition models

▪ The Syntiant Packager tool to extract a model parameters (weights and biases) from the deep learning framework to a binary file that can be on the NDP with Syntiant NDP device control SDK APIs

▪ An MNIST handwriting recognition example

▪ A speech recogntition sample

Software Development Kit (SDK):

The SDK contains the tools and software required to control and operate Syntiant NDP devices.  The SDK includes:

▪ NDP device control interface library (ilib) source code

▪ NDP Linux driver source code

▪ A Python ilib wrapper

▪ A Python-based development and diagnostic command line interface application

▪ C-based minimal example applications

▪ Compiled binaries for Raspberry Pi 3B+

▪ A high-performance Alexa wake word neural network model

▪ Additional demonstration-grade speech and MNIST digit recognition neural network models

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