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Industrial & Commercial

Smart Cities

Security Cameras 

Access Control



Smart Sensors


Video Soundbars

Sample Applications Deployed in Complex Environments

Person Detection

Face Recognition

Vehicle Detection

License Plate ID

Head Detection


Background Subtraction

Direction-of-Arrival (DOA)
Projection Mapping

Speech as an Interface

Noise Suppression

Echo Cancellation

Use Case: Industrial Safety

Construction Workers

Detecting Accidents and Alerting Supervisors

Using Syntiant’s Core 1 solutions, one of Syntiant’s Partners, Edge Impulse, was able to demonstrate accident detection using sounds on the factory floor. 
Learn more here.

Each year, there are over 1 million work-related fatalities and millions more suffer from workplace accident*.

Preventing accidents and detecting when they do, remains a challenge in some areas.

Using deep learning to detect an accident using acoustic events or speech, or better yet, prevent one by detecting chemical spills, objects falling, or anomalous sounds is an ideal application for Syntiant’s NDP Solutions.

Use Case: Predictive Maintenance

ceramic speed .png

Syntiant & Ceramic Speed Press Release

Bearing manufacturer, Ceramic Speed has plans to offer remote monitoring of industrial machinery with NDP120-embedded wireless sensors. 

Condition-based monitoring is highly desirable to reduce costs and ensure properly timed predictive maintenance.


However, the accuracy required for many of these applications necessitates the use of high-powered solutions, or worse-yet, cloud processing, increasing power consumption and making it impossible for such devices to run on batteries.

Syntiant’s NDP solutions, offer continuous monitoring at a fraction of the consumption, allowing the solution to operate for years on a single battery.

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