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Mallik P. Moturi

Chief Business Officer

Mallik P. Moturi is chief business officer at Syntiant Corp. He has more than two decades of semiconductor industry experience, working with diverse applications, such as neural network processors, digital signal processing, multimedia, networking, systems on chips and FPGAs.

Mr. Moturi has held senior roles, such as vice president, general manager and managing director at various companies, including Qualcomm, Xilinx, Conexant, Hughes/DirecTV and Bell Labs. Mr. Moturi has also been instrumental in the development and introduction of many industry innovations, including the first multi-core DSPs, the first HDTV chipset, and the first commercial implementation of low-density parity-check codes for satellite broadcasting, neural network processing in mobile devices, and high-performance FPGA-based computing solutions.

Mr. Moturi received a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Syracuse University, and pursued his Ph.D. in electrical and communications engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mallik P. Moturi
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