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Extending and Expanding Syntiant Solutions Broadly


AI Vision Processors For Edge Applications. 
Solutions that make cameras smarter by extracting valuable data from high-resolution video streams.


A first class engineering service provider for IoT and smart devices, offering hardware and software development, management, prototype builds performance testing, cost optimization, certification testing, and yield improvements.


Bosch provides best-in-class sensors, tools and applications  and optimizes its IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) for advanced smartphones, wearables, AR and VR, drones, gaming and robots applications.

Elliptic Labs and Syntiant to Bring Always-On, Ultra-Low-Power Experiences to Bosch’s spexor Device


Hardware, embedded software, cloud and mobile product development. Reducing product launch uncertainty by providing design and development expertise.  


The Alliance provides a wealth of practical technical insights and expert advice to help you bring AI and visual intelligence into your products without flying blind. Learn about the latest vision, AI and deep learning technologies, standards, market research and applications – and how to get involved in the community.

Syntiant is a member company of  the Edge AI + Vision Alliance.


Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises.


Elliptic Labs develops AI Virtual Smart Sensors™ that use AI, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to detect people and their surroundings

Elliptic Labs and Syntiant to Bring Always-On, Ultra-Low-Power Experiences to Bosch’s spexor Device

Imagimob AI is a development platform for machine learning on edge devices, building production-grade ML models to support applications such as fall detection (among others) using IMUs or a single accelerometer.

Syntiant's NDP120 delivers a fall detection application developed in Imagimob's AI platform. The large capacity of NDP120's neural network allows multiple models to run simultaneously with industry-leading benchmark Inference results, as demonstrated with ML Commons, delivering 10-50x lower latency and 10-50x lower energy than competing processors.

Imagimob and Syntiant to Accelerate Development of Production-ready tinyML Applications
Providing AI speech enhancement products such as noise cancellation, speaker ID and clear voice.
MLCommons provides a set of best practices  and benchmarking for creating ML software that can just "plug-and-play" on many different systems.

Syntiant's NDP102 processor with Murata's wireless modules and sensors provides a complete solution for a range of low-power IoT applications, enabling a highly accurate inference performance at industry leading low power consumption. 

Syntiant Introduces NDP102 Neural Decision Processor for Edge AI Sensor Applications

Murata to Introduce Type2DA Neural Decision Processor Module for Edge AI Audio & Sensor Applications


Syntiant’s NDP200 and PixArt's ultra-low-power image sensor offers the ability to develop highly accurate person and object detection systems that consume very little power with almost no latency.

Syntiant Unveils NDP200 Neural Decision Processor for Always-On Vision Edge AI Applications


Manufacturers can easily combine the Syntiant® NDP100™ microwatt-power Neural Decision Processor™ (NDP) with Qualcomm Bluetooth SoCs (such as the Qualcomm® QCC5100 ultra-low power series) to offer enhanced touch-free functionality, including detection of multiple wake words and cloud-free command programmability with very low latency.

AI Chip Company Syntiant Joins Qualcomm Extension Program


Advanced voice and image processing capabilities are delivered by combining the Renesas RZ/V Series vision AI microprocessor unit (MPU) and the low-power multimodal, multi-feature Syntiant® NDP120.  The joint solution features always-on functionality with quick voice-triggered activation from standby mode to perform object recognition, facial recognition, and other vision-based tasks that are critical functions in security cameras and other systems

Renesas and Syntiant Develop Voice-Controlled Multimodal AI Solution Combining Advanced Vision and Voice Technologies
View the solution specs


Syntiant and Telink partner to enable ultra-low-power WiFi and BLE connectivity for some of the world's largest smart remote control (RCU) manufacturers. 

Syntiant and Telink Unveil Voice Interface Reference Design for Smart Remotes


Syntiant is a partner and executive sponsor of the tinyML Foundation, a non profit organization with the mission to accelerate the growth and collaboration of a prosperous and integrated global community of hardware/ software scientists, engineers, and designers developing state-of-the-art energy efficient machine learning computing applications that will change our world for the better. 

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