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CEO Kurt Busch Discusses Syntiant's Deep Learning Technology in Intel Capital Video

Just a short time ago, we unveiled our ultra-low-power analog neural network technology at the Intel Capital Global Summit in Palm Springs, California. Within less than two years from first funding, we were able to develop, qualify and ship an unparalleled always-on voice solution to customers all over the world.

In this Intel Capital video, Syntiant CEO and Co-Founder, Kurt Busch, describes how our AI processor (NDP10x) significantly increases privacy levels, responsiveness and battery-life for devices of any size.

"With Syntiant's technology and our intelligent voice, we believe that voice is the next interface," Busch said in the video. "With our technology, we can put voice interface into just about any type of device, as small as a hearing aid to as large as a laptop."

Using a co-design methodology that optimizes silicon and deep learning models together, the Syntiant architecture powers a user interface that is the first-of-its-kind: one that boosts mass-market adoption and leads the next interface evolution where complete voice control and touch-free functionality is at the center.

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