Making Edge AI a Reality 
Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - earbuds
Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - mobile phone

We foresee a world with billions of intelligent devices enabled by Syntiant® Neural Decision Processors™ that sense, analyze and autonomously act to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.


Human intelligence has evolved over time by adapting to the world around us. Syntiant is enabling device intelligence by bringing orders of magnitude greater neural compute than previously possible.


From earbuds to automobiles, Syntiant is leading the way for deploying artificial intelligence at the edge. Our technology brings powerful machine learning from the cloud into even the tiniest devices, thereby greatly increasing battery life, privacy and responsiveness, while simultaneously decreasing infrastructure costs.


Syntiant’s breakthrough silicon architecture combined with an edge-optimized training pipeline and data platform are enabling edge AI deployments everywhere.


A New Processor
for Deep Learning

Deep learning systems differ dramatically from traditional computing methods. By using at-memory compute and natively processing neural network instructions, Syntiant devices typically deliver 100x the performance when compared to traditional processing technologies. Our solution enables moving larger neural workloads from a high-powered application processor (or even a cloud server) to a low-power, always-on domain while simultaneously increasing responsiveness and battery life.

Training Pipeline 

Syntiant has developed an edge-optimized training pipeline to quickly build neural networks for a variety of applications. By incorporating resource-controlled training, models can be built with designated latency, memory size and power consumption.

Data Platform 

The Syntiant Data Platform is designed to ingest data from crowdsourced or proprietary sources, expand the data set with synthetic data generation and produce high quality datasets for training. 



Semiconductor Design



Ideally suited for always-on applications in battery-powered devices.

Smartphones  -  Earbuds  -  Wearables
Remote Controls  -  Drones  -  Security Cameras  -  Sensors

Syntiant - Always-On Voice processor - wearables




Turn-key solutions for Amazon Alexa, OK Google and custom wake and command words

Person and motion detection for even the most power-constrained environments

On-device deep learning for better decisions and increased battery life

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