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Before Syntiant, running machine learning on an edge device was inconceivable. At the time, artificial intelligence was relegated to the cloud, where, unconstrained by area and power, large and energy hungry GPUs and CPUs were used for parallel computations.  


That’s when our founders set out to change the world by making a new kind of processor – one that would bring deep learning artificial intelligence right to the edge, free from any cloud connectivity. Syntiant’s Neural Decision Processors (NDP) are built from the ground up and optimally designed to deploy deep (machine) learning models. Moreover, our devices have been independently verified to be 100x more power efficient and offer 10x the throughput when compared to existing low-power MCUs.


We also understood that the biggest barrier for adoption is ease of deployment, and that for every artificial intelligence solution, three key elements are required:

1) the silicon solution or computational engine
2) the data used in training a machine learning model
3) the toolset to create high-quality and reliable machine learning models

So, in addition to designing and releasing the industry’s best-in-class NDP series of products, we developed the means to collect and augment training data, and the toolset to create high-quality machine learning models.


Today, more than tens of millions Neural Decision Processors and Syntiant deep learning models have been shipped to customers all over the world, allowing for always-on intelligent edge processing of audio, video,  voice/speech and sensors. Our solutions can equip every device, from earbuds and doorbells to automobiles and manufacturing machinery, with powerful deep learning capabilities, enabling cloud-free, real-time data processing and decision making with near-zero latency, and at a fraction of the power of traditional MCU solutions. 


Syntiant is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, recognized as an industry leader, and has been awarded many scores and accolades ranging from Fast Company’s list of “Most Innovative Companies” to CES’ “Best of Innovation” Award to Orange County Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work.” 

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