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Neural Decision Processors 

NDP102 - Always-On Sensor Applications

The Syntiant® NDP architecture is built from the ground up to run deep learning algorithms. Embedded with the Syntiant Core 1™, the NDP102 is a low-power, low-latency device that achieves 100x the efficiency levels of traditional CPUs and DSPs.

The NDP102 runs sensor applications and can operate as a standalone, always-on component of a larger system while consuming less than 100μW of power. The native neural network processing capabilities embedded in the Syntiant Core 1 eliminate the need for intermediate compilers and, works seamlessly with popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, which greatly reduces time to market and helps assure expected performance.

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Micro-watt level active power consumption while always-on and listening


Programmable general purpose IO & SPI Master; boots from a serial flash with the ability to exist as the system's sole processor

Neural Processing

Neural network with over half a million parameters providing large scale parallelism for sensor-based applications

Ease of Use

Multiple flexible methods to access neural processing engine with full customization of applications and post-processing

Key Features

  • Under 100uW active power consumption in always-on sensor applications

  • 1.71mm x 2.51mm 20-pin eWLB (0.4mm ball pitch)

  • Syntiant Core 1 neural processor

  • Hardware feature extraction up to 100Hz frame rate and up to 40 frequency bins per frame

  • Fully connected neural network, supporting up to 589k parameters

  • Deeply embedded ARM cortex-M0 processor with 112KB SRAM

  • Six GPIO pins with programmable direction and drive strength

  • I2C serial interface for sensor applications

  • On-chip programmable clock divider

  • External serial flash boot

  • Integrated clock multiplier and dividers support low-frequency clock source or external clocking

  • Onboard firmware security and authentication

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) integrates in any software environment

  • Training Development Kit (TDK) to enable the use of standard frameworks such as TensorFlow for customer-programmed applications

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