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Neural Decision Processors 

NDP115 - Always-On Speech & Sensor-Fusion


The Syntiant® NDP115™ is a special purpose processor for deep learning and is ideal for always-on applications in battery-powered devices. The NDP115 applies neural processing to run multiple applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption.

Built using the Syntiant Core 2™ programmable deep learning architecture, the NDP115 is designed to natively run multiple deep neural networks on a variety of architectures, such as CNNs, RNNs and fully connected networks. NDP115 brings a level of ML performance that delivers 25x the tensor throughput than the Syntiant Core 1™ - found in the production Syntiant® NDP100™ - and is able to run speech inferences at a mere 280 microwatts. A programmable Tensilica® HiFi 3 DSP is included for flexible feature extraction and classical audio processing.

Audio Processing

DNN and DSP support both machine learning and traditional audio and voice algorithms


Concurrent neural networks to run multiple applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption

Multi-sensor fusion

PDM, SPI, I2S and I2C interfaces for microphone and sensor applications

Neural Processing

2nd generation Syntiant Core 2 supports energy-efficient inference and delivers 25x the tensor throughput compared to NDP100/101

Ease of Use

Flexible methods to access neural processing engine where neural designers have full control of network configurations

Key Features

  • Syntiant Core 2™ neural processor​

  •  Support for concurrent neural networks, including multi-sensor fusion

  • Embedded user programmable HiFi-3 DSP with 144KB 64 bit data RAM and 64KB 64 bit instruction RAM

  • Deeply embedded Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller for device management with 48KB SRAM, dual-timers, and UART functionality 

  • Direct input of PCM audio and support for up to 5 audio streams​

  • I2C controller and target modes for sensor control and integration

  • Up to 13 GPIO pins

  • Flexible clock generation

  • Onboard firmware decryption and authentication

  • 25-ball WLBGA package (0.4mm ball pitch)

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