Syntiant  Always-On

Speech & Sensor-Fusion Processor


NDP120 Neural Decision Processor™

The Syntiant® NDP120™ is a special purpose processor for deep learning and is ideal for always-on applications in battery-powered devices. The NDP120 applies neural processing to run multiple applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption. Built using the Syntiant Core 2™ programmable deep learning architecture, NDP120 is designed to natively run multiple Deep Neural Networks (DNN) on a variety of architectures, such as CNNs, RNNs and fully connected networks.  NDP120 brings a level of ML performance that delivers 25x the tensor throughput than the Syntiant Core 1™ found in the production Syntiant® NDP100™. A programmable Tensilica® HiFi 3 DSP is included for flexible feature extraction and classical audio processing.

Neural Processing

Second generation Syntiant Core 2 supports energy efficient inference and delivers 25x the tensor throughput compared to NDP100/101    

Ease of Use

Flexible methods to access neural processing engine where neural designers have full control of network configurations

Multi-sensor fusion

PDM, SPI, I2S and I2C interfaces for microphone and sensor applications 


Concurrent neural networks to run multiple applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption

Audio Processing

DNN + DSP support both machine learning and traditional audio and voice algorithms


The NDP120 brings audio and multi-sensor processing for always-on applications in battery powered devices. Longer battery life and higher performance can be achieved with NDP while the primary processor is asleep.

mobile phones • smart home • hearables/wearables •  PC  • IoT endpoints • media streamers • AR/VR

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Key Features

+    Syntiant Core 2™ neural processor

+    Support for up to 7 audio streams

+    I2S/TDM output audio interface for streaming audio output, including post-processed audio ​

+    Embedded user-programmable HiFi 3 DSP 

+    Deeply embedded Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller for device management with 48KB SRAM, dual-timers, and UART functionality 

+    Stand-alone operation

+    Quad SPI target and controller interface 

+   I2C serial interface for sensor applications and system interface


+   Up tp 26 GPIO pins ​


+    Flexible clock generation


+    Onboard firmware decryption authentication

+    3.1 mm x 2.5 mm 42-ball WLGBA package (0.4 mm ball pitch)